Tuesday, April 7, 2015

I Made It To Albania!!!

My trainer is really great her name is Mota Fullor! She has been in the field for 3 months, yet that's right, she is training after her first transfer. Transfers here are 12 week or 3 months. She is really great though, her language is good enough to carry the lessons, but she is fresh enough that she remembers what it was like to be in my shoes cause she was literately just there! And language study is very important for the both of us we are kinda of learning together. In our lessons I pray and bear my testimony, but I think I'm going to step up my game and start reading scripture! haha

So they did just move the mission office, but crazy thing about Albania no one has addresses, they just set up PO boxes and that is how they get their mail, and the mission office will get it to the missionary, because my house doesn't have an address. And dearelder does work here because when I arrived they gave me a dearelder! Remember when you were trying to figure it out and you sent one to the mission home well I got it! haha It make me laugh and I got a letter from you all on my first day! haha I think all the (dearelders) get sent to the mission office too. And the mission home will have no problem getting mail to be because... (drum role please!) I am serving in Tirana!!! Tirana 3rd ward actually, there are 4 wards in Tirana. 20 missionaries serve in Tirana, and 8 of them are sister and I am one of those!

Motra Fullor says I am doing good, well at least better than she was when she got here. But because she is newish too. She is wants to give me chances to talk because that is what she wished she would have done. Yet I wish I understood more, but actually a lot of our investigators speak English and want to help learn! The members on the other had do not speak English, but one day I will get there! So my understanding of the language has grown just in the few days I have been here. I am starting to follow the conversation so I am understanding 30-35% of what is said so I am getting the rough story, but the moment they ask me a question all Albanian leaves my head! haha. We had testimony meeting and I surprised myself how much I understood

oh and it was Easter which was great so we watch the sepse ai jeton (because he lived), and I saw it in English just before I left so now watching it in Albanian and know what it says and I can practice translating it every time I watch it. And on Sunday I went to YW and it was great. The teacher gave the girls red eggs, because in Albania for Easter they only dye then red, and I thought it was cool because of the symbolism behind it. Red for his blood, and the egg symbolizes life. And maybe it was the same thing in America if that is the case I came all the way here to learn that, but good thing I have learned more than that and will learn much more while I'm here.

Our companionship has a little portable dvd player that plays jump drives or hard drives. I also think we have a cd player I have seen it I am assuming it works. It is probably a little late but tell all those Bates's I love them! You lucky dog you get to see those guys! Hug all my grandparents for me!

And this week I have seen God,s hand in my life. He isn't just giving the gift of tongues but he is giving me the peace and the faith that it will be alright so right now that is what I am going off of! And guess what I am really happy I can't explain why I am happy but I am. I know it sounds crazy! So I love the people because they love me so much. How can you not love someone that loves you? We have a member named Megi and she came with us to a lesson last night, and on our way home boy did it start raining! She is terrified of lighting though and boy was there some good lighting last night like light up the whole sky! And it was dumping buckets the streets just flood! So me and Megi (she served in Cali so she speaks English) shared an umbrella and i sang songs to her, to keep her calm. The song I wanted to sing to her was angel lullaby but I don't know the words.

Well you guys are the bestest! And being busy and working hard is when you can see miracles!

te dua shume!
Motra Henderson

my first night with my trainer eating a crape
my trainer Motra Fullor
and me eating a seflaqe

My district making byrek (we have a senior couple in our district and we were in their home)

eating raw byrek dough tastes like your homemade noodles but paper thin

we make taco and apple pie byrek!

first day in Albania. The city of Tirana before I knew I would be serving there! We went to the place were Alabania was dedicated for the preaching of the gospel! 

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