Thursday, September 22, 2016

Aug 8, 2016

The best things never change! Good ole Idaho! Off to one more wedding. We had two missionaries from our mission get married last weekend, seems like the season! Again tell Niki congrats and thank her for the invitation! made it just in time!

I'm not super worried about the (homecoming) topic because first I have to write a talk for my farewell here in Pristina. I don't know its topic either! But I do have an Albanian editor on hand! Oh and correction the temple trip is once every two years and no, missionaries don't get to go. So i have not been. I was hoping IF would be done when i got back, but hey I have never been to the Logan!

The last couple weeks not much had happened and now this week I don't have time to tell you it all.This week it is easy to see that we have done better than the weeks before, I would like to take credit and say we worked harder than last week and we might of, but mostly i think we were blessed! And I'm so grateful for it.

This week I have felt so much love from the people. For a couple weeks I felt like no one wanted to talked to us, we couldn't get people to stop and talk. This week we were meeting new people, getting into houses, tracting, and seeing other people that recognized me from last transfer and they approached and even hugged me. We had people bring their friend to lessons, one of those being Besiana Hasaj. She brought her friend when we visited her this week.

I know that we can do the same this next week and even more. I'm so grateful how the Lord can reach us and lift us no matter how low we may feel. Just like my favorite story of Peter walking on the water. I feel my eyes left the Savior and I can see the difference when the focus is Him. I hope I can keep this in mind and appy it.

Motra Hendrson

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Aug 1, 2016

Kosovo summer

This week we did a service for Donjeta, we helped her move down the street. We brought the elders and the Larsons turns out the husband speaks English so he became friends with elder Larson! He has that effect on people! The Larson's remind me of Grandma and grandpa Bates. The new and exciting thing of this week was that we started English course. We are teaching beginners again but when we started last time we had 35 people or more. There went enough chairs. This time we started and there was 15. I don't know why our summer course has less, I thought it would have more. It's funny in the summer there seems to be a lot more people outside , but everyone here in Kosovo right now doesn't live here. They are visiting their families, some of them don't even Albanian.

Alma 5:14 And now behold, I ask of you, my brethren of the church, have ye spiritually been born of God? Have ye received his image in your countenances? Have ye experienced this mighty change in your hearts?
19 I say unto you, can ye look up to God at that day with a pure heart and clean hands? I say unto you, can you look up, having the image of God engraven upon your countenances?

ju dua
Motra Henderson

Jul 25, 2016

Familja e dashur!

Sooner than later is an understatement. This week went by so fast that I can barely remember it. Even my companion said that she can't believe how fast this week went and she is just starting her mission. And Carter is off! I'm sure it was great to be all together at Bear Lake.

Sound like my comp is here until September, but what she will do after I leave I have no idea! She told me that Kosovo is so different that it doesn't seem like home. But the stake is doing a temple trip, they do like one a year, and if she is still here she gets to go! So she is excited about that, because she still hasn't gone. They were waiting until she gets to England, but the stake trip is also now a option. Almost I wish I could be here to go! They are going to the Frankfurt temple so that is super cool!

This week we met with a less active named Donjeta (Dona). She was one of the first members baptized here. She has a one year old son and her husband isn't a member. But he actually is a baptized into a Catholic church here. And something that that we talked about with him and actually all through out the week was families. He was telling us that his family is Muslim and don't support him, but he lucked out and found a really great girl. But we have a new project. We want to bring this family together. Which we had talked about earlier in the week in a lesson, my companion's goal for her mission is to bring her family closer to the gospel. She is the only member in her family and she hopes the mission will bless her family. Wow what a goal! I have now learned the best example of goal setting! I have also decide I need to work on setting those kind of goals for my own life. Thinking about her goal and my life - I have been blessed to have the gospel in my life, plus my whole family. Elder Larson teaches Family night and he asked me the question Have you been sealed, and I answers no, I was wrong -always learning right!? It was a trick question because I have been born in the convent to I am sealed to my family! The gospel is family. I have seen the power of families in the gospel and that is something I want to share with the people here. The people I have talked to this week have shown such concern for their families. I think the worries come because the family is Celestially  important, but we are trying to take care of them in a Telestial world. So really the only way is the gospel. So this is some deeper understanding I learned this week that I hope I can use to bless others.

So with that said, you are my biggest blessing!
Ju dua!
Motra Henderson

our matchy Bondsteel shirts!

Jul 18, 2016

Bring on the huckleberries!

So probably sounds like. . . I'm pretty confident. . .well I am but I'll tell you why. It was all because of my letter from my mission President. He said:

Dear Sister Henderson

You are such a wonderful missionary and I am so grateful to know you and what a sign of faith and devotion you have showed by asking me if I really mean that you should extend. After reading your mail I have asked the Lord about your extension and I have felt very strongly that He is so pleased with your service and that the time has come for you to continue your mission at home by pursuing your education and in finding your eternal partner.

I know I asked you what you thought but really it was all on what President thought. He truly is a man of God. And you know the song "We'll follow the old man wherever he wants to go" from White Christmas? This was about my mind set waiting on His word to then pounce into action. I am so grateful and am very touched to know he is praying for me!

I also was thinking a lot about Levi Savage form 17 miracles How quick he was to respond to the call of the Lord. Willing to do anything and everything he is asked. So I hope I can do that also! Not only this time but always, whenever the Lord calls that he can count on me! The work doesn't end I am still called to his work.

Thanks for you love and support no matter how crazy I am! But it sounds like I will see you in August, so you received the flight plan right? I am leaving everything up to you now!

This week real quick! New friends! We met and Ela and it was raining really hard and she still waited for us! blessings! And our other new friend's name is Besiana, so I am staring to see a trend here! Wish I could tell you more, but there were lots of prayers answered this week! In zone training I learned about Peter Vidmar and his talk pursuing excellence! He says Sometimes, just a little bit is all that matters. So this is all that is ask a little bit everyday!

Love you all very much!
Motra Henderson

Jul 11, 2016

Come what may and love it!

Hey so turns out I am training an Albanian! She is called to serve in England but she started here because she is waiting for a visa. Her name is Motra Gjika. Crazy thing is that she is from 3rd ward! I meet her my first Sunday in country! So I am really excited to serve with her! And she is Albanian right, so I don't have to train her on the language except here in Kosovo it is Gheg and our first day street contacting she wasn't understanding the people, so we have a little gheg book and I'm teaching her a couple words. But now it's been a week and she is probably already better than me! It's really fun (and a bit humbling) to have an Albanian at the end of the mission because now we are speaking the language all the time! But humbling because I still don't know all the words. I'm learning words like ant and cockroach. It is hard for some to jump right into the missionary style. The mtc doesn't prepare you for everything but at least it teaches you the missionary schedule. She her reminds me of me. She is a very quite/shy person. We really have to over come the fear of man. Pray for her that she she can find the faith and the courage in the Lord, pray for us that we may find more people to teach!

Here we go again....

Mom you really great about not talking home and I thank you for that, and last time you brought it up that's when I asked you about extending. So it made me laugh when I read this weeks email. So story! I was in the mission office at transfers and President in between some of his interviews was talking to me and thanked me for staying because we really need sisters and I said that I was glad to stay. Then he said "You know you could stay another six weeks if you wanted to, I could ask the first Presidency". You can say that caught me of guard and I don't think I even said anything before he was off in his next interview. And so to be honest I don't really know if he was serious, but he is always serious so I guess my question is how serious is he. And so I haven't done much or acted upon it but on our way to Pristina we drove back with two new elders. One of them was just an AP, and now he is the district leader and he is very much in support of this.

So again I don't even know if this is real because I have flight plans I think the tickets are bought so I don't know how solid this is. So to look at both side of this how set in stone are the home plans? school and track obviously but actually I have thought those out and came up with some ideas such good ideas that I really can't tell which one is better. They are both good... so again I can not decide.

My biggest worry is everyone's plans that they have made to be there. They have all made plans to come to Idaho. School and track that only effects me. I am scared to pass up the huckleberry patch because it seems like perfect timing for everyone! and I don't know when we could ever swing that again! This is probably my biggest worry! Let me know what you think! Both are good.  All is well. I'll let you know what President Weidmann says!

Know that I love you! And that I am out here trying to show the Lord I love him!
Motra Henderson

My comp - it was stripped shirt day!

Jul 4, 2016

Guess what!?

So it transfers they kinda came out on no where, and you have probably lost track of our transfer schedule a long time ago with all my random transfers. So it was Motra Fulop's first transfer call and my last. so She will being going to Vlore she had always wanted to go to Vlore. So you can probably guess that I am staying. What will probably surprise you (becasue it surprised me) I will be training...

I am actually super honored that they want me to train even with the little time i have left. Actually looking back that what i have been doing most of my mission. That the Lord wanted me to not just help the people but the missionaries. Some times one the street I feel like my voice isn't always heard. but i am realizing that as a trainer your words and actions are.

Sorry it was super short tell you more when I know more!

ju dua

Motra Henderson

Monday, August 1, 2016

Jun 27, 2016

Mission Conference

I just love the trek picture in our front yard I showed my comp and she said the trek looks beautiful and I told her that's our front yard. Also super cool Shon went!

This week was exciting we had a mission conference so we had to go to Ti
rana. We got to go down with the Larsons and they went the night before so we ended up staying with some of the Tirana sisters, One sister was from my MTC group and the other was from Motra Fulop's group (expect they were the only two) so that was fun. Oh and I was back in the 3rd ward house that was the house I was trained in. It's funny how throughout my whole mission I have been able to to visit that house! 

So at mission conference all the missionaries going home give a testimony, So it was going to be weird to see all my group (or all the sisters in my group) give their testimonies. and my comp asked if I was sad that I wasn't going with them but actually it was the opposite I was quite glad that it wasn't my time! But it defiantly makes me think of the time I do have left. It's kinda an extra special gift. but I did get a surprise I did get asked to bear my testimony too. Not that you have to be prepared for it but everyone usually puts lots of thought into it but I just read one of my favorite quotes.

This is the quote that I shard in my testimony. I love it so much! This has been in my mind ever scene I read it! For me it perfectly describes why we do what we do! "When we comprehend His voluntary Atonement, any sense of sacrifice on our part becomes completely overshadowed by a profound sense of gratitude for the privilege of serving Him."  -Russell M. Nelson

So the best lesson of the week, was with Hope! She stayed after church (so she had already been their for two hours) and we had a lesson on prayer and I have so many scriptures I just love about prayer ( 2 Nephi 32:8-9; Alma 37:36-37) But she is struggling to pray because she said she used to pray but when she needed it the most she said He wasn't there. So we told her we would try to explain more next time. And so she asked me to say the closing prayer. I don't really remember all that I said. I do remember asking that she could feel Heavenly Father's love. So at the end I look up and she is crying and my companion is crying. Then Motra Fulop said I think I am feeling a little of Heavenly Father's love for you. I am grateful for his love and I am grateful that the spirit was there to testify to Hope of the Father's love.

He loves us I love you!

Motra Henderson

MTC group now and then

oh yeah and a doughnut I tried in Tirana