Sunday, January 17, 2016

Dec 14, 2015

This week we had some investigators with baptism dates tell us they won't be meeting with us any more, I think it was hard for my companion because all the other investigator we have, stopped meeting with us because they came into problems like sickness or deaths in the family or they are leaving for Italy. But before the end of the week we found two families. The Lord closes doors and I often want to ask why but instead we need to search for the door that the Lord has prepared.

Christmas Miracle! We are doing activities for Christmas and they always say that our success is in the invitation and then they may choose with agency. We invited every number that we have ever had, and then at the activity we had 5 of our people there and then most of our English course stayed we had so many people! And it was super fun! The Lord blessed us for our efforts.

Skype okay so I can skype anytime on the 25. Talk to you soon.

Lov ya tons! Motra Henderson

Motra Cerekja and river baptisim

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