Friday, March 6, 2015

Thu, Mar 5, 2015

     Idaho is seeing more action then the MTC! We have not had an apostle but we have had a lot( and that i mean all) good devotionals. A lot of our speakers work closely with MTC, but also often associated with apostles. Some of my favorite things I have heard her came from my Branch Pres. and I am starting to know him better , because now i have the opportunity to work with him more. Some of the things he says I feel like he is quoting grampa bates! id you find that letter he gave me right before I left? Hopefully you did I don't remember hiding it too well. Oh and I did get to see Meet the Mormons! It is an awesome movie. And the Candy Bomber reminds me of Grandpa Henderson!
     Today me and Motra Jackson picked up a sister from the hospital because she had her Gallbladder removed. She is doing great, she is strong, and because of her we have been able to see miracles, and Gods love for this missionaries! Yesterday Motra Jackson went with her to the actual surgery, and if I learned anything yesterday it is that I have the best companion! I am so stinkin lucky to have her! Also the driver of the shuttle was talking to us about silly school stress, and it reminded me How lucky I am! I have worried about a lot of things since coming to the MTC, language, teaching, and being the best missionary I can be. Now times that by 10 for being an STL. I am go glad I'm here. there is still things to stress about, cuz when is there not, but that stuff Im worried about is so much more important than dumb school stuff! All the stuff i worried about is important, and worth worrying about. You can quote me on this : Only worry about the stuff that is worth the worry! haha feel free to use that haha! As an STL all I have to do is worry about others! Isnt that great! I have so much desire to do my best and work hard for the awesome sister in my zone than I do for myself!
     New missionaries arrived on Wednesday! You probably knew that because it happens every Wednesday, but yesterday was special! We got to host for the !st time! It was fun and exciting! But the best part is that our zone got new missionaries! I dont know if i told you about the old Finish missionaries, but the were awesome. I am so grateful for them, but now they are off blessing the lives of the people in Finland. But now we have new ones! Our zone was crazy excited! The ZLs and STLs got to have a welcome meeting for them and it was weird cuz the old fins welcomes us and it was weird that it was now our turn to do it for the next group! But we were suppose to let them know we were happy they were here and that the MTC is a great place. And I didnt have to fake any of it! I was honestly super excited they are here, and in our zone, and the MTC if you let it be is a great place, and can change you for the better! (Make The Change)
     Last thing 2 Nephi 31:13 If i follow with a full purpose of heart, I can speak with the tongue of angels! Sounds like a fair deal!

Te dua shume!
Motra Henderson!

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