Friday, March 6, 2015

Thurs. Feb 26, 2015

     Life seems to be crazy awesome back home! Isnt it great?! Motra Jackson comapared your time here like a 2 mile race. We have already ran our first mile! Isnt that crazy that went quick! Now we have a mile left. You are tired so this mile is harder than the first, it goes by faster and you have to push yourself harder than before.
     So the Lord has decided to stretch and shape me a little more this week. In tuesday devo the speaker spoke about feeling like an inadequate missionary an apostle gave him this scripture 1 Cor 2, and it was great I needed it, but I didn't realise how much until President Hutchings call me and MJ to be Sister Training Leaders.... so that happened.
     President Hutchings is really great he reminds me of Grandpa Bates! He said " blesses are the flexible because they never get bent out of shape.He told us this because we are a trial ward for a new schedule and a lot of the work is landing on our shoulders.
     Some things I've heard in this last week that i have been thinking about

-if you are on the Lords errand you are entitled to his help.

-through him we can be perfect missionaries.

     And love what you said I need to put the work in we can pray for miracles and for the gift of tongues, but the the miracle comes after the faith. (Ether 12:12)
     But now I'm supposed to pray for the guidance of the spirit to help the sisters. I now more than ever need the spirit to be with me so I can know what to do. (2 Nephi 32:5-6)
     We have some sisters with health problems and so we fasted monday and the mission president had somethings to say about that

-Faith without works is dead

-Actions are louder than words

     so out fast was acting on faith and we still don't know we are in the dark but we acted in faith and now we wait on the Lords timing.
     Hey I love you all! Really so much I talk about you all the time and about how my family is the best! Its because you are!

Love Motra Henderson

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