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Weeks 6-10 highlights

Week 10 - June 8

     We keep hearing rumors about the Rome temple! But really I have no idea, but as a missionary you are really cut off from the world, its kinda great! But if you hear anything about Rome I would love to hear it!
      I would love to weed grandmas yard! Because I love her and we can show our love like the Savoir did through our actions. I wish we could do more service, people need it but won't ask for it. They need to let me serve them! My other option is to rely on the Spirit to be in the right place at the right time, but I will work on being better at that.
      Girls Camp I love that place! It is one of the times you can feel the spirit gjithemone (always), kinda like a mission!
Pride, I need to learn that to I have a lot of humbling myself before the Lord, because I have been reading about doing the Lords will instead of what you want.
       This week we have been experiencing the effects of the end of the school year. Everyone is "too busy" or they are leaving for home. We have had a lot of emotional ups and downs this week. But every time we had a hard day that tested our faith the very next day we were strengthened by the Lord, be it through a member and her testimony, zone training, or my favorite -fast Sunday. I have a new found love for fasting, and the sacrament and the spiritual strength that I have received from them. And I love the testimonies of our members here! I am understanding them and their spirit strengthens me! So I have seen and testify that the Lord strengthens His people because He did it for me this week and I hope he continues for the rest of my life because I need Him!

Love Motra Henderson

Week 9 - June 1

      And I loved working at the Bar t5 all summer just like I'm going to love doing missionary work! Anyway everyone says it will get hotter here but Tirana isn't the hottest place here. So I am excited school is out cause that means that people will have more time to meet with us! On the other hand a lot of the members that help us with lessons and investigators are college students and are going home for the summer.
      I don't really know what happened to this week. Before I knew it is was Friday, and now it is Monday I don't even remember days in between. So quick week I'll let the picture do the talking cause that was the most exciting things. And in this mission transfers are every 12 week and the training program is 12 weeks anyways so I will be with my trainer till the end of June. Oh and the service project we were moving wheelchairs! It was super fun me and my companion were the only sisters! Because they only wanted the strongest sisters! ha ha not really.
      This week I have been doing a lot of study on missionary work, and the Atonement. Before my mission I knew that missionaries preached repentance and could change their lives. But how is that make change made? Through learning and excepting the Atonement. What I didn't except was how much need the missionary has for the Atonement. I started out my mission hiding my weaknesses, but now I am learning if I come unto the Lord he will show me my weaknesses which isn't what I want, but do I want my pride or the Lords help to make me strong? I want to be perfected in Christ, I want to give up my fears and my pride to the Lord and through Him and His Atonement I may fulfill my divine potential.

Love more than I can put in words!
Motra Henderson

Week 8 - May 25

     This week we had a couple days that didn't go as we planned. Some of these experiences came as blessings and others came as disappointments, but I had to remember trial or blessing it comes from God. And I should thank Him for the blessing and for the opportunity to grow. I am seeing opportunities to come unto Christ. I was reading in Matthew 12:24-25. We must take his cross and follow him, lose our lives for his sake. I have tried this week to think What would Jesus Do? And asking myself is this my will or the Lords? I am here to do the will of the Lord and His work. And I have the perfect example Jesus Christ. I will continue to try to be more like him.
     So I did buy a dress today for my birthday, it was kinda more of a want, but hey I am a Sister missionary I will defiantly use it. And I will eat some awesome Milka (the kind Cheris would bring from Spain) There is good chocolate here! So I was thinking about my last 3 birthdays Graduating, Jackson Hole, Albania! Life is crazy, and if I like or not I am growing up! Thanks for being with me these 20 years and many more!

Love you all
Motra Shayla Henderson

Week 7 - May 18

     It isn't may in Albania! its actual maj. ha ha! What I really meant is that I have a hard time believing how long I have been here. And the end of may is so far away! I had to look it up to believe it but the 22nd is this week! I am so excited!!! You guys are getting pro at weddings! The last two weeks I got to hear some conversion stories of some (in English) but they spoke so highly of missionaries they were their heroes, one of them called them his angels. I want to be that for someone!
     So today we got some missionaries together to play futbol and we were waiting for the APs and they show up with President Weidmann! We couldn't believe it! But is he from Switzerland, so hey all Europeans are good at soccer right? And the answer to that is yes! He is like 65+ and his skills still beat mine! It was awesome but we played in this practice field so it had a roof but it was still outside. It was so hot! and this isn't dry Idaho heat.
     This week was finals, so investigators are busy and so are the members. But This week we had super awesome lessons with less-active members their testimonies touched my heart, and then they were at church! This week at church we got a lot of love from members, because like I said earlier missionaries are there heroes, and I just want to be worthily of the love and praise.
trying to work harder and be better every week and I can do it though the Atonement O Jesus!

te dua shume
Motra shayla

Week 6 - May 11

     okay this will be short We do FHE with the Gostroni family. The parents love us but there not member, and we don't talk to them much, one is an investigator but has been for a long time, so we need to figure out what we can do for her. 3 of them are members but one is on a mission. so it is mostly us teaching a lesson and Ilirjana the investigator is in and out of the lesson. But in a couple weeks we have to do fhe with the young adults at the institute, and suggestion my young adult siblings?
     Wednesday I did my first exchange I went to Elbasan with my grandma! (my trainers trainer who happens to be training my mtc companion) So grandma or Motra Coleman is an stl and so one day I will get to go on exchanges with Motra Jackson! That would be fun, but also a little scary! Elbasan is awesome! Hotter than Tirana, smaller town, with plam tress, and a castle in the middle of down town. So yeah it's pretty awesome! Didn't take any pictures cause we were working too hard! For real though we were running to the next appointment it was awesome!
     Thursday we had zone conference I got to see all but 2 of my group from the mtc. Awesome training! We made a connection between the plan of salvation and Christ like attributes. We have been given this very little amount of time to develop these attributes, and this time is to work as hard as we can and we will be in the Lords rest for the eternity. Life is hard this work is hard, but that is why we are here. It was such a pump up to work super hard! We were challenged to give pass along cards to everybody that struck a chord with my companion and we started talking to a lot more people, and we tried bus contacting for my first time. So it was awesome. So it was a bummer that the next day or two I felt less than great. Going from a high straight to a low. But Sunday it was all better it must have been because I talked to you guys!
     Your the best! I love your faces and miss the way you guys make me laugh!

ju dua shumë!
Love Shayla May!

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