Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Week 11 in Albania - June 15

Best American burger in Albania!

English Course telling stories

Albanians amaze me with their parking skills!


someone told me that the mountain on the other side of the water was Italy!

Our choir in our cute outfits.

Miracles! Our Heavenly Father loves us! my companion found a quote on miracles this week "is the age of miracles over? Not by a long shot!" -Ballard I need to have more faith in the Lord and His miracles. Or just open my eyes to the tender mercies He gives me everyday.

Oh Tirana it is the capital so there are always people, so I don't know what I was stressing about! So it has kinda been a cray month because they do finals all month instead of all in one week. So they are busy all month and everyone is excited for summer but they still have work so they cant be gone always!

This week we had an investigator make us byrek (probably my favorite Albanian thing!) We had set a goal of the number of people we wanted to talk to in a day and the Lord made it possible And this week we had the opportunity to do more street contacting that we have done before. And this week we meet with some girls I talk to on the street!! So I am thankful that the Spirit was there with me because I know it wasn't something I said. Its happens because the Lord love them and He love me! But an Elder to me I have the gift of stopping people, so I guess for that I am grateful for the gift the Lord has given me, even if I didn't know I had it! Also the gift of tongues, because sometime I understand people! Tender mercies of the Lord!

Oh and Exciting this Sunday we went to Vlorë to preform. Me and Motra Foller are in a choir, musical theater is my companions favorite and she is super good at singing! I am glad they let me tag along. I didn't think it was a big deal, but when we got there a preformed for them they were really grateful and I felt the Spirit there. And Yes I have 2 more weeks with my Trainer. You counting is correct this transfer is 13 week, so yeah we are just crazy!

So this week I was thinking about How I stress out so much about not being as good as I think I should be, and I can only see all the places I have to improve. I realized that no missionary is perfect and the only way to get better is to try. I can't just sit and wish I was better. Get better at the language you just have to practice, which is hard and sometimes scary. To be a better missionary I have to be humble enough take the guidance of my leaders and apply it into my life. And the rules of a missionary are higher, they aren't keep passively. Every day I need to try to try my best. Each day is an opportunity to become better and grow closer to Christ. I I give my all to God, He will bless me even more with his love. I want to be one of His good and faithful servants.

On of our Assistants to the President said we are able to what we do because we have the faith and the prayers of our friends and family behind us! I then felt all of your love, it was just the strength I needed! So thank everybody! I couldn't do it with you love and prayers!

Love Motra Henderson

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