Friday, September 25, 2015

A Family

Is it getting Fall there? It rain a little here but I feel like when it rains it is even more hot and humid after. But last night we had the most beautiful thunder, and we have the cutest porch in the 3rd ward house. And the other week a xhaxhi (an old man) on the street said to his friend as we were passing by "look at this beautiful tree." It made me giggle but then I looked at the tree and he was right. Tirana is a big, and sometimes dirty city, and they have big beautiful trees on the street close to the church.

Sorry last week's letter didn't make sense I guess my letter was pak crazy. I'll explain, so we were informed last Sunday that another mini missionary would be coming. So Motra Cenollari and me were moved to 3rd ward and Motra Dunn is in 2nd with another missionary who actually has a mission call to England, but she is serving here until she gets passport things figured out, apparently it is hard to get one for England.

I looked up the teaching mode of Jesus Christ in the topical guide, and 3 Nephi 11:14 and Luke 7:42 were one that didn't seem like teaching to me. Now I am seeing that they are both example of God's love. And was thinking that I want show this love to His children. And the best way I can do this is know that He loves me, and is grateful for my efforts, and I need to remember this. And like in Luke The ones who repent and rely on His atonement grow to love Him even more. The more we ask for forgiveness and the more we receive His forgiveness the more we love Him.

This week we had taught a lot about the priesthood, and how this church has the authority and the power of God. The priesthood is such a blessing my companion receives a blessing this week and our Elders also gave a blessing to an investigator (Eva Sulemina) and then we had a lesson with them, talk more about priesthood and then at the end of the lesson we invited them to baptism and the 2 kids said yes and the mom said she will check with work. The dad came home at the end of the lesson and he simply asked is it okay that Eva has been baptized before. Then we mention temples, and the daughter said "I want my family to go!" This family is prepared I can't take any credit. The Lord prepared them, the Elders found them, and the Spirit does the teaching. I just pray that the Lord can fulfill His purposed through me. And that I may work to be worthy of these blessings. Or maybe I should just be grateful!

Motra Henderson

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