Tuesday, September 15, 2015


So President Weidmann ask me a question and so I had a study assignment and this is what I learned. First off this week I studied D&C 50:24, and the allegory of the olive tree in Jacob, but with that I had my hands full. In the D&C talked about light, but the term light was used in three different ways. The first light is truth, knowledge, the word of God. The second light this light is given to the righteous, and we are the light. In studying I found Eph. 5:8, and also D&C 88:67. The third is gaining more light. Like it says in Isaiah 28:13 line upon line (Albanians would say pak nga pak) This one is our potential to become like our Heavenly Father Peter 1:16. And like always we are promised blessings and have a perfect example Jesus Christ Rev. 3:21. Overcoming our imperfect will and accept His will D&C 88:68. And we will be blessed more then we can imagine, we can see Him 1 John 3:2. To inherit the Celestial Kingdom is better then the best thing I could hope for. And this week I noticed that (and some investigators noticed) that people in this gospel have joy, and are happy and I could only thing about how this gospel is the reason and I hope those investigators accept it.

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