Monday, November 2, 2015

Conference & Mini Missionary

Oct 12, 2015

 Driving in Albania!


Motra Alushaj
My understanding this Conference was ssoo much better than last time. Here we have a elder trainy and I thought about my first confrence here. I am improving! I just had to look back 6 months. but it was good I took note so I believe that I understood the topics of the talks, but we were in the house this morning and I listen to some in english. The were SO good! I loved the testimonies of the new apostles. So I have to listen to it again becasue there is stuff in there that I have missed and I dont want to miss it. And we are going to watch the woman's conference this week and one of the members home. it will be a party.

Okay right now may companion is Motra Beraj she is a mini missionary. We are together a month, and we have been comps for about a week and a half. So let me explain Motra Alushaj she was actually called to England and was here waiting for a visa. We was staying with the lushnje sisters because the house in Berat wasn't ready for us to move in. So we were in Berat for the day street contacting and elders had set up a lesson for us, and we get a call that she was going to England the next day. So we had top go to lushnje to get her stuff out of the sisters apt and then elbasan to pick up the rest of her mission stuff. Then back to tirana. I picked up another mini and Motra Alushaj left off to England.

Did I mention I was driving? In Tirana! I have frik (i am scared) to drive in Salt lake! Triana is pretty scary. Out of tirana and now I have driven all the roads of Albanian. Okay not all but now I have driven to over half of the city in Albanian with missionaries.

Fall here and i heard winter is similar means rain so this next week I may need to but boots and a rain coat I thought I would just give you a heads up. Oh and garments there is was I can buy them online here and they said it is cheaper because i am in Albania. So Any advice on what ones I should get.

There was a conference talk Sunday morning talking about the woman of this church will be bring families to the gospel, and that is my hope and prayer for having sisters in Berat. And I was reading Mosiah 2 and verse 30 came to mind when President Monson was talking. I know that the Lord blesses us when we try our hardest and pray, I saw him do this for me this week. And in verses 17 and 34. learning to love service and giving him all that I have and am. This really effected me this week. And all the testimonies in conference about being I disciple of Christ, and I will try harder to do better!

ju dua
Motra Henderson

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