Saturday, November 7, 2015

Speaking in Church- The Savior's Love

Oct 19, 2015

This week I had the Lord help me every step of the way. Through answers to my prayer and fasting, undeserved blessings, new amazing investigators.I have also been relying on Him this week really needing His help. My comp had some bad stomach pains, and today we have to go get her tooth fixed. We have to dived to Feir. But we spent a little time in the house this week. And the mission nurse told me I would be a nurse this week. So I got some mom practice in, but I would much rather be out doing work.

This Sunday I had a talk and it was on forgiveness and I was actually really proud of the talk I wrote in English, and hopefully the translation wasn't to bad. And giving a talk in front of 8 people is also really great. So ya here in Berat it a group, and we are all just friends, so giving a talk is easy and good thing because I think I'll give a couple while i am here. But for my talk I mostly spoke about the saviors example, but really what could be better to talk about and one of my favorite scriptures that i found was Luke 7 41, 42 (and by the way the keyboards here are weird the letters are normal mostly but I haven figured out the symbols) Anyway in Luke the Savior says that the one that had more debt, was forgiven and the more he loves him. And maybe that's why I have felt His love this week and that he knows me. Becasue I have been asking for a whole lot of forgiveness this week.

Thanks for the prayers you said for me this week they were needed! Thanks for you love and support!

Motra Henderson

PS made applesauce and burnt it haha havash, havash I will learn. And if you could send recipes we do a lot more cooking here in Berat then Tirana.

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