Sunday, January 17, 2016

Jan 1, 2016

I love you guys!

I feel like I got in on some of the Shon and Logan craziness and I even got it on video so I get to watch it again! I'm sad I didn't get a picture of all of our faces together so if you got one Could you send it to me?

transfers I get to stay in Berat! Yay! My new companion is Motra Ranta and she is from ... Arizona! So i broke my streak of Albanian companions. She has been in country for 6 months, so it's weird because now I am the one more experienced with the language. Its kinda funny everyone asks her if she is Albanian, and we tell them nope, you now have two Americans. So I don't know if they are happy or sad about it.

I am excited for the chance I have to serve with Motra Ranta. She seems like a very obedient missionary. I hope our time together we will see blessing from our exact obedience and become more effective tools and stronger missionaries Our first three days together we have seen miracles we have 3 more people we have invited to baptism. It was all people Motra Cerekja and I had found and finally we were able to have a lesson. We have been very blessed with the people we have meet. They were Christmas miracles and meeting with them is keeping the spirit of Christ alive.

Today is New years. G√ęzuar Viti i Ri! So this is the holiday they celebrate. Muslim or orthodox (the two main religions) they celebrate new years, In the time of Communism it was the only thing they could celebrate. So the 31 was crazy busy and this morning the city was dead. So we had our pday today, and we had to go in early yesterday, probable because they set of these "fireworks" that are really big firecrackers or little bombs. But we got to see a little of the fireworks from the balcony of our apartment. and we were allowed to watch Ephraim Rescue. It was so good I don't know or don't remember watching it before. But I watching it reminds us to be ready and willing to do exactly as the Lord commands or as the spirit directs. I love that he says to be "a good man" or worthy it all in us trying to be as clean as we can.

Pray for the Muka family and the Guri Family and that that the moms will be able to stop drinking coffee!

Thanks for your prayers for me and for the Lords children here.

Motra Henderson

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