Sunday, January 17, 2016

Jan 4, 2016

Our district is two different cities and in Lushnje has the zone leaders so they are combine with us. It is fun having them with us. Here in Berat we have a set of elders and us. Have I not sent any pictures of our elders? We have a group leader, but we are under the stewardship of the mission, and the mission President. In Berat we have 15 members and most of them are men so the Elders don't even have to do the sacrament, one of the elders plays the piano sometimes but there is a member that can.

So the work is going well. At nights we don't have enough time! that is when everyone can meet. But is good because we are staying warm at night because we are running around at night. Except last night we walk to Uznove (they are two neighboring cities like Chubbuck and Poky) And it was raining and we couldn't find our umbrellas when we left the house that day. We would have normally taken the bus but it was Sunday. We had a lesson with an investigator and then a member. We received so much love, trying to warm our feet and dry our coats but what else could you do when two soaked sister missionaries show up at your door. Did I say my comp is from Arizona, and if I'm cold I feel so bad for her! But she works hard.

Happy 2016! Crazy how fast time goes! Heavenly Father gives us this time on earth and our talents and I just hope that I can learn to use them better! Christmas we count our blessings, but the new year includes goals acting and faith that Lord has a plan for us. I hope that we can learn His will for us and then just do it!

Love you all the mostest!

Motra Henderson

ps here are some names if you want to pray for them Albana, brisilda, nazi (guri family) Marsida, Alesia (muka Family)

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