Thursday, January 21, 2016

Jan 18, 2016 Berat.......

So we were at the Guri's house (Albana) and her daughters decided that they wanted to be baptized with there mom! We had planned 1 baptism that week and over night turned in top three! So we went over Tuesday night with our elders and did their interviews. Elder Bangater did pretty long interviews that in the min time I learned a little Popollore! (Albanian traditional dancing) But he said that they were all ready for baptism. And I was just filled with joy. Our meeting was a miracle and seeing this gospel change their lives was a blessing for me and is now starting to bless their lives. We go home that night counting our blessings.

That night as we are nightly planning we get a call from President Wiedmann, doesn't happen very often so not that I was nervous to answer the phone but I couldn't even image what was about to happen. I answer the phone and he tells me thanks for my work that week, then he proceed to tell me I will be transferred... So here I am in Durrës. I received a call Tuesday night and was told to pack my bag tonight I would be leaving in the morning. Motra Ranta is and angel! there was no way I could have packed all 3 suitcases in that little time. In the morning the elders picked us up in the car to take us to Durres. but they had also called some of the youth in the ward, and they all came to say bye except the one in the hospital.

So I have been transferred to the biggest ward in Albania. Haha the most drastic change I think that could happen. My new companion is Motra Kelly I actually thought that at transfers that she would be serving with me. I guess i was wrong on the city. Lesson I have learned this week revelation I knew from the moment when President called me that this was revelation from out Heavenly Father. Because it was drastic and out of the blue I just knew that the Lord had a different plan. As grandpa would say you you can do the will of the Lord or you can do the will of the Lord and be happy about it. So the will of the Lord will be done the real test is how willing we are to do it. We are given responsibility over our actions not Gods. I am so grateful the great honor and blessing I had to serve with the people in Berat, it has truly changed and blessed me.

This week I have really felt the spirit, being at peace with everything, bringing peace and happiness. We have been praying extra hard for his spirit this week and for the Lords hand in our work. Then this week we tracked into a family, that with lessons with them they tell us that we feel sop good when we are around. and they understood that it was the spirit we bring.

Love you all The Lord has the best plan plan for you! Trust him

Motra Henderson 

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