Sunday, January 17, 2016

Jan 11, 2016

I still don't have a picture of my companion! The curiosity is probably killing you! Haha but I have convinced her (with the help of Cheris/Alans letter) to never come to Idaho during the winter she says it is too cold.

Albana so as of now she will be baptized this Saturday! She is 36 and has 2 girls (Brisa(15) and Nazi(12)) So story for Christmas we went caroling (and I will let you know that is not an Albanian thing to do) on the boulevard. It is a huge road just made for walking and we got our Christmas Albanian hymns and sang, half the ward came (5 of them)! It was a lot of fun! Definable felt the Christmas spirit. (I don't know if have already told this story but if I haven't I should have told it around Christmas) Anyway what reminded me to tell this story started at church yesterday! 

Yesterday we had almost as many investigators as members! So an Elder had everyone introduce themselves and how they meet the missionaries in Sunday school. So Albana her father was there at the caroling and he and received our number. Which we gave our number to everyone who would take it. A real victory is when they give us their number, so we didn't think much of it. anyways a couple days later she called us and asked when can we come to her house. and we have been going to her house ever since. and she was one of the houses we went when we were soaked and she dried our coats with her wood stove.
There were a lot of miracles that happened in church I was reminded of the story of Albana, then the other was Flora, so what happened with her I talked with her on the street, invited her to church but didn't get a number so didn't think much of it, because we try te pakten (at least) to invite everyone to church. but she came all on her own she even told a member that after she talked to me she went home and put a ribbon on her finger so she wouldn't forget.

Okay the last miracle (not the last but the last I am going to talk about) is Relief Society. So the week before it was two ladies a little girl and us. This week we had 8! not including us! We (m Ranta and I) deiced to talk about the Book of Mormon, and how we should study as a family. An investigator bore her testimony on Jozef Smith, the members gave testimonies about their baptisms. and Serena (she is 10) told Albana's girls that it's simple to be baptized. She knows Jesus is her Savior and the scriptures are true!

We have been challenged by our President starting the 7th to read the Book of Mormon in one month roughly 8 chapters a day. I know that the Book of Mormon is written for our day, the Bible is the word of God, but as Joseph Smith has said that book will bring us closer to God! I am excited for this time that I can come closer to God!

Love you!

Motra Henderson

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