Saturday, January 16, 2016

Nov 23, 2015

It's not super cold here, we will be lucky if we get snow, so I may or may not buy a coat, but right now I am fine. don't worry too much about sending me warm cloths, if needs be I can find things here. A watch maybe? I lost mine today actually.

Our problem here in Berat is everyone want to or is leaving for Italy! At the end of the month it will be our 3rd investigator to leave for Italy. So we get their numbers send them to Italy and pray that they will find them there. But a lot of our investigators are or their family's are sick or had a death in the family, so it was a little hard to meet with people this week.

But this week elders are baptizing a family! except the father, he wants to too but he has work ever Sunday, but he will come around. And I know it's not our baptism but it is exciting to see the growth here, like every week we have one more lesson than the week before, its kinda like seeing your time get one second faster.

so with this baptism we have decided to do relief society, so any ideas because now we are the teachers! but I am excited because we are also planning the first relief society activity! there will be us two and 3 members But hopefully we will be bring investigators

I don't know why but Sundays are hard, but this Sunday like normal we have several hours of street contacting, and right before we studied about teaching people not lessons, and with the thought of helping and teaching them. We found 3 investigators that night. The Lord loves his people and we need to find the people we can bless.

One question that I had I was reading about the Savior's Atonement and it was talking about wine-press, and I think it has some deeper meaning but I want to find it.

Love Motra Henderson

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