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Mar 21, 2016

Motra Cheshire!


So this Sunday I gave a talk in sacrament meeting for the Sabbath day! What a blessing it is. I think about how lucky I am that I have never had a problem with working on Sunday and that is often a problem for many Albanians. But the Elders told me to prepare a 15 minute talk and I get to church and our branch president told me 25 min. President Teli is awesome. He has the biggest heart and he works so hard. Could pray for him too?! 

Oh funny thing about my talk I gave it in Albanian then my companion translated it in English for the American solders. I kind felt silly having a translator. But at least I knew I made enough sense that my companion I could translate.

But I don't really know where the rest of the week went. We had an exchange this week so I got to go to Gjakova, with Motra Johansen (she is from my mtc group). Gjakova is a very small city (I think even smaller then Berat) And when we were there we when to a village and did was weird we walked house to house, walking in gates and stuff. I didn't think I would miss tracking apartment buildings but that's what I'm use to now. And thinking about it that is probably how tracking is in most missions.

Cool power of missionaries/ Holy Ghost/ this message story. It's a team effort obviously. We street contacted a lady and she told us to come to her office, so later that week we head off to find it. It was on Koder e Dielit (sunny hill). We get there and she is a psychologist and she thought we wanted to meet with her so she could help us with our "project". And then we explain who we are and why we are here. She then begins to tell us that She is not interested in practicing religion. She is all about science. But she did want to know why we are different. So we begin telling her of Joseph Smith. Then about Thomas S. Monson, then the Book of Mormon, then temples. And she loved all of it. She wanted a book promised she would read it and wanted us to write in it. This Message is truly for everyone, if they know it or not! I got to watch the spirit soften someones heart right before my eyes.

This week we had a soccer activity. This is ALL Albanians (or Kosovar) favorite activity! And they are all really good! And it's such a good way for members to bring there friends! But another thing that we are focusing with members is sharing the Easter video! It was made for sharing! Are you sharing it? It is a way to think about the Easter message all month! Something my comp said made me think, he was trodden down by men when right before he had just sacrificed for those sins. He knows our griefs our pains, I heard the question recently, "How many drops of blood were split for me?" The answer was "too many". May we remember his sacrifice always! The Atonement and the Resurrection is what makes Jesus our Savior! I can't even comprehend the love he has for us that he would do that. And I don't think I truly understood before but I am learning, He has risen and what that really mean!

Love you all!
Happy Easter!
Motra Henderson

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