Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Mar 28, 2016

We had a busy week, we had to go down to Tirana for Sister Conference. It's just us sister missionaries and we have a conference. It's fun. Tirana is 4 hours from Prishtina, so we drove to Gjakova the night before to cut an hour and a half of our drive in the morning. We talked about courage but then the mission presidents wife taught about justice and mercy (perfect for Easter!) We talked about how we need our Savoir's mercy. There is a consequence for everything we do and we are suppose to take that on ourselves. But in the garden, Christ became our new "creditor", Before we couldn't have made up the debt, and technically we still can't, but Jesus set up an agreement how we can "pay him back". And it was said that that agreement wouldn't be easy but it would be possible. There are no words to describe His mercy. And we can be ready for justice as long as we have our Savior and our advocate.

Friday we had a branch activity! It is a small branch kinda like Berat but it has been open here for 5 years. So you could say its still pretty new. We watched the Easter video and heard some testimonies. Then of course food. Do we have ward Easter activities? I couldn't remember. but Jed got blessed on Easter Sunday! That's super cute. 

17th of August is my date and that's all I got that is exciting ... except transfers! You're never going to believe it! I'm staying! But the even crazier still is that I will have a companion for longer then 2 months! Do you know how I know that? Because I will be doing the 12 week program with my new trainee. So I don't even know my companion ..yet. That's because she is in the MTC still, she will be here (with all the new missionaries) on Wednesday, I will get her Thursday and then back to Prishtina on a bus! So yeah! Can't decide if I'm more excited or nervous but this is technically my last transfer for I'm as ready as I will ever be! I just want to do a good job. The best explanation I can give is that I have the pre-race jitters. And we've heard that they are nervous to serve in Kosovo, but there is an Albanian named Jess in the MTC and she served here in Prishtina right before she left and she is trying to get them exfb ccited! So I'm feeling lots more responsibility on my shoulders, but I'm sure someone has faith in me, probably President and Heavenly Father. I remember that in the MTC we were told that our trainers are chosen by revelation, I never thought I would be on the other side of it. But we did receive a commitment to stretch ourselves so that we can grow. So here is my growing opportunity, so I can be even better!

Easter was super great. We just talked about Jesus Christ and his Resurrection all day and by the end of the day I was just happy. We also had a friend come to church (Besiana) and she told us that she has read 200 pages of the Book of Mormon, and she told us, "I think I'm finding my answers!" So the next lesson we will have with her, we will ask her again to be baptized.

So next week will be exciting too! I will be in Tirana most of the week. I am so thankful you are mindful of me in your prayers (Moroni 8:3) And pray for my new little missionary!


Motra Henderson

Kosovar traditional hat and scarf
Branch President and fam
sisters in my mission

random man giving me his number on the street so we could meet up and he could give us copies of the BoM he had found. Don't worry he keep one for him and His family!
difference between Kosovo And Durres

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