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Mar 7, 2016

So the plan for this week was for it to be a bit crazy! We had our first MLC (missionary leadership meeting) on Tuesday in Tirana, then we had to go home a plan a training to give the next day at zone training in Tirana. So we decided to talk about remembering that we are children of God, we also talked about not fearing man. Because if we truly understand who we are and who made, us we should not be fearful and I thought of this Scripture, one that you have shared with me several times! 2 Timothy 1:7 For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind. So we posed a question about crazy things we did as kids, and I gave an example. Can you guess which one it was!? Your right! I sang them my name song! haha and I was kinda sick so I'm sure it sounded beautiful and afterwards an elder called me Motra Fig. S'ka gje because I was fearing no man!  It was a really cool thought because a new senior couple was in attendance and they mentioned that they could tell that Heavenly Father sends some his best servants to this mission.

After Zone Conference we started our first exchange, so I got to stay in Tirana 1st and 3rd Wards for a day! I got to see members from 3rd Ward! I was grateful! And I was with Motra Cani she is a mini from Durres so she was happy I was there! We ended the exchange on Friday, went home, did some weekly planing. Then the next day was the start of Stake Conference. When we were in our house we called some sisters to let them know that we would be doing an exchange the next week, then we start brushing our teeth to get ready to leave the house and we get a call from President. I had an idea what was going to happen next, but my companion didn't. I still had toothpaste in my mouth so she answered. And as I have very well learned, President calls means transfers. I was right. So any guesses where I am now!? Okay I don't think you can guess this one. I'll give you a hint I left the country... I'm in Prishtina. So that is in Kosovo. I'm with Motra Cheshire. We are guessing for approximately for 3 weeks, because she has been her for almost 6 months. And I was with Motra Bennett for 3 weeks. But fun fact Motra Bennett was trained by Motra Cheshire. So back to being transferred;  Motra Bennett is off to Berat!! I was probably more excited for her than for me! We had to be ready with our bags packed by Sunday morning. Sunday morning we had Stake Conference so we just did the switch there because all of Albania and Kosovo is a stake.

The Lord guides and directs his work! Follow Him with even more devotion!
Love Motra Henderson

Oh and 2 stories I forgot. So one of the old AP told me that when he was AP he said that several times I was very close to being sent to Kosovo so he wasn't surprised. The second story but really the first was Monday night and it was raining hard and we walked up a hill to a lesson that is normally a hill but that night it was a waterfall, then we get there and she didn't answer the door. So we start walking back down the waterfall and we see a lady trying to walk up with her groceries and she had dropped something. So we grab her stuff gave her our umbrella and started walking to her house. We get there and meet her 3 cute daughters. We were pretty wet so they give us dry tights and socks to change into. After we asked if we could explain who we are and ended up teaching the restoration. 
Turns out they got a Book of Mormon from an elder on the street a couple years before, but never read it. At the end of the lesson they committed to read and one of the daughters said the prayer. #mondaymiracles

Love Motra Henderson

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