Saturday, March 12, 2016

Feb 29, 2016

The exciting thing this week was interviews with President, and it is always great to hear from a person who knows, that we are called of God. and that there is something I can do with my calling as an stl. Really it is an opportunity to serve the other sisters! I love service! So I hope at least they can feel my love (or the Savior's love) for them.

This Sunday we had Ward Conference in Durres and there was something President Mema said that really stuck with me. It was about how the world sees Jesus as just a prophet. But we know that no one could have or can do what he did. He drank the cup and we will ever be grateful for that. Because of that moment in the grove, we can rejoice in Christ we can be saved through Christ.

We are working with these two family and the kids are super great but the moms struggle (it's super backwards) But pray for Nadia, and Bruna!

Sorry it was short but you did get two this week!

Love you,
Motra Henderson

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