Friday, March 11, 2016

February 8, 2016

My companion goes home in 2 days. I will take her to Tirana tomorrow and pick up my new companion. And in testimony meeting yesterday a man said when he was young he was always waiting for tomorrow, wanting it to come quickly. Then he said. "I went to a funeral and all they said, 'if only we could have one more day'". This obviously doesn't apply to our lives because we will have all the days after this life. But these are our days to perform our labors in this earth life, and I also listened to a talk that said when we get older we can do a lot less physically and so that means we end up doing only the things that are most important. So with those two stories I learned that today is the day, it isn't so much what you can do tomorrow but what you can do today.

And another great thing is we don't have to be perfect to do it either! God has given us so much first of he gives us gives of the spirit, and our talents. So we are prepared to do the thing he has asked us, and then he gives us the Atonement which isnt there just to cover us or fix our mistakes but it is the power to that we can and do act. So God can do it therefore you can do it! He with help us especially if we are trying to help others.

So I left my planner at an investigators house. I was so lost! I am already really bad at remembering things and it is even worse without a planner. So I learned how valuable those are this week.

Oh ya my new companion is Motra Bennett, and we will be sister training leaders (slt). So that mean we give training at zone training and stuff, and then we get to do exchanges. We will be over tirana and shkoder. So I will let you know more about that as i figure it out. I think I know what it is mostly but me or motra Bennett have never been before, but I think it will be great!

This week we had zone training, and and the favorite thing we talked about was the Atonement. I think that should be every ones favorite topic. There was a lot said but what really hit me was what the spirit taught me. He taught me thought an analogy kinda, and it was a connection between sports (lifting) and the atonement. I don't even know if I can explain it because you have to have a background or and understanding for lifting. But long story short it came to me the saving felling that the atonement can bring. Simply I came to an understanding how it feels to be saved. But he doesn't just save you he lifts you back up and helps you continue! And I'm sorry if this didn't make sense but the moral of the story is that the spirit testified to me how the Atonement has helped me in my life and how it isn't just for the time of distress but always! I am so grateful for the Savior and I love Him!

Love Motra Henderson

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