Friday, March 11, 2016

February 15, 2016

I just has a feeling that I was going to hear some news this week! I guess I just felt a special little spirit come to the earth this week! I just love that God gives us family, but i am the  luckiest to have the one he gave me!

Yeah I was trying to decide which valentines was more low key here in field or in the MTC. Here we were tracking and we had forgotten it was Valentines day and a man told us that we should take a break for the holiday. A lady at church said that simply this is a day to show your love to others, So what better way to celebrate the holiday than going around telling the people of God's love for them.

We have had some exciting tracking stories this week though. Pirate nënë. There are little old ladies here usually from the north that dress like pirates, and because she was from the north she had an accent its called geg. I was surprised I understood because they speak tosk (the southern accent) in Berat and that is what I am use too. And we met a lot of moms with new born babies (imagine that!) so we are meeting lots of people but we arent finding the ones that are wanting to learn more. So pray that the Lord will prepare a little Albanian family for us to meet and teach. That they can learn Gods eternal plan for them! Also pray for Enxhi still and Blerina she meet with us this week even thought her mom is in the hospital!

Love you and thanks for your prayers!
Motra Henderson

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