Thursday, May 5, 2016

Apr 25, 2016

our beautiful Pday
Peja! and our awesome distict

Gëzuar Ditëlindjen everybody!

It's birthday week! I call it that because there are lots of birthdays this time of year! Mom, Logan, Stef, Amber, sorry if I missed anyone!

We made some new friends this week! Ones name is Merita and she has purple hair! She also has a British accent, its cute. Her and a could other people we have meet this week have been quite surprised at what we are doing. Asking why are you here? Why did you leave school? We have also ran into other missionaries who are here for a week or a month. They think it is so strange, and I am thinking how lucky I am! I get to come here and learn the language and better yet the people. I get to speak with God's children in a little ole place no one has ever heard of. But Heavenly Father knows each one of them, and loves them! And i get to share His love and plan of happiness for them!

Back to Merita she needs the atonement so much in her life and not because she is a bad person, she is just carrying around so much guilt! and she doesn't have to! I can put myself so easily in her shoes. Her problem might have a connection with sin, but the Atonement of Christ is also there so we can over come our pains, fears, and weaknesses. She can have joy and happiness in her life! She said she is living in the Grey there is not really black or white. And I thought of Adam and Eve. With truth there comes true happiness.

Then most beautiful end to the week! Besiana said we could come to her parent house and meet them. It was amazing! There was a total of 8 adults in the room and a few grand kids too. We have been meeting with Besiana for a month now and the elders just started to meet with 2 of the younger brothers. They just took us in like family. And we taught the restoration and the don't have a religion (don't practice anything) But they really loved our message. And at the end of the lesson we knelt in what felt like family prayer. Family is Heavenly Fathers gift to us! And what a gift it is! I am so blessed i get to be a part of my family and Heavenly Fathers family!

Love you my family the mostest of all the families!
Motra May (because its almost May!)

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