Thursday, May 5, 2016

Apr 18, 2016

street crepes

Dad do you know a Van Price? (not positive on the first name started with a v) There is a solider here that we met that served in England, is from Austria, and had a companion from Pocatello Idaho.

This week I truly saw the knowledge of the gospel bless people. Where to start. Fatime and her sister we watched finding faith in Christ. I have known them for about a month now I didn't realize how little they truly understood about him till we watched this video. His life and miracles amazed them, i have lived my whole life with this knowledge! They have their struggles in their life that they honestly don't think they can overcome. Now i know what they are lacking and what they need to be taught. Faith in Christ.

Then we meet with Drita for the second time (and we will see her again tonight) She brought her friend Bukuria, and her eyes lite up when we told her about Joseph Smith. in that same lesson was Drita and her son, he wanted to tell us all he knew for Jesus Christ. He is 12 and loves books, so hopefully he is reading! Besiana told us this week that she will stop listening to the opposition she is getting from others because she is learning that this is true! She also invited us to meet her parents, her brothers are now meeting with the elders. So we are hoping for this family to all come around.

Lastly we have a member from America named Sara. The lesson we had with her was one the Saviors love. Something she said she has always struggled with ever since she was an investigator. And there is no way she didn;t feel His love during that lesson, and she started to reconize that he has shone it in the past! Having faith in Christ and understand his love is such a blessing in my life, my imperfections are taken away. I can be better than I could imagine, and I know that it could do the same for all the children of God.

I love you! God loves you! We are so lucky!
Motra Henderson

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