Monday, May 9, 2016

May 9, 2016

I got to go to Macedonia for the first time this week! We have a training there! I have now been to all the counties in my mission! And almost every city! 

So after Skyping you we had a first lesson with a Lady named Valbona! She watched Christian preachers in English and she said they said something about Mormons and from then on she wanted to know what that was. Then she met the elders in the street. They told her about the Book Of Mormon and she wanted it because it was another testament of Jesus Christ. When we met I could honestly tell her that it was the Lords plan that she met us and she agreed. At the end she prayed that people would find us because Kosovo needs this gospel. She wants to bring her family too! It was a perfect ending to a beautiful Sunday!

 God places people in your path that he needs you to touch their lives! 
love you all so much!

Motra May!

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