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May 16, 2016

Kool Albaniana hats

BEET juice

Albanian mini guitar!

We were in Tirana for training. Motra Fulop was excited to see her MTC group, and I actually got to see some of mine too. I got to drive there and back, super pretty dive. I didn't see too much because I was driving. I haven't driven that much in a long time. At the training there were two thing said that really hit me, that I hope will help me in my work. What is the opposite of faith and hope. Fear and doubt. 

Also we talked about the Savior earthly ministry and the thing we don't really think about is that it wasn't easy for him. I was hard it, he has to endure ever kind of pain. Then why do we expect it to be easy for us. So I don't know about you but I really needed this reality (the hardest tea to drink) check. People rejected someone as great as he! The gospel he taught so beautify and with such love, and they denied him. The talk we listened to was from Holland and he said salvation isn't cheap. and I was reading in Mark and it said (very much in my own words) if you hand or your foot is keeping you form eternal life, you should them remove it. There is nothing more important than our return to God. This is his work and his glory. 

A perfect example of this; We went to a funeral of a member I never met. He had been sick ever since I got here. His name is Ylli (I know you're not saying it right because I can't even say it right! It means star) He lived in a small village of Muslims but his dying wish was to be buried as a Christian. And at the service we sang and an Elder taught the plan of Salvation. Ylli wanted to stand his ground to the end (endure to the end) And though the whole village didn't convert the son was deeply touched and his and his family's heart was softened. 

I also had an interview with President Weidmann. And something that he told me that all my worrying shows him how important I think this work is, and the great thing about the gospel is that the Lord will let us try again so that we can do better. 

So this week I'm going to walk in Christ footsteps. They are the biggest hardest steps we can take. And I will maybe begin to really understand all that he did and does for me.

Thanks for you loves!

Motra May

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