Thursday, September 22, 2016

Aug 8, 2016

The best things never change! Good ole Idaho! Off to one more wedding. We had two missionaries from our mission get married last weekend, seems like the season! Again tell Niki congrats and thank her for the invitation! made it just in time!

I'm not super worried about the (homecoming) topic because first I have to write a talk for my farewell here in Pristina. I don't know its topic either! But I do have an Albanian editor on hand! Oh and correction the temple trip is once every two years and no, missionaries don't get to go. So i have not been. I was hoping IF would be done when i got back, but hey I have never been to the Logan!

The last couple weeks not much had happened and now this week I don't have time to tell you it all.This week it is easy to see that we have done better than the weeks before, I would like to take credit and say we worked harder than last week and we might of, but mostly i think we were blessed! And I'm so grateful for it.

This week I have felt so much love from the people. For a couple weeks I felt like no one wanted to talked to us, we couldn't get people to stop and talk. This week we were meeting new people, getting into houses, tracting, and seeing other people that recognized me from last transfer and they approached and even hugged me. We had people bring their friend to lessons, one of those being Besiana Hasaj. She brought her friend when we visited her this week.

I know that we can do the same this next week and even more. I'm so grateful how the Lord can reach us and lift us no matter how low we may feel. Just like my favorite story of Peter walking on the water. I feel my eyes left the Savior and I can see the difference when the focus is Him. I hope I can keep this in mind and appy it.

Motra Hendrson

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