Friday, March 6, 2015

Thu, Feb 12, 2015

Hi Family!

The first two weeks I have learned that i should have better prepared myself. I took mission prep but it was so long ago I have forgotten things. All so i was so unprepared with my packing. I should better prepared for my mission clothing cause it is a struggle every morning. Matching my cloths is a struggle i wish you were here to help me know what matched. But i have come to the realization that negative thoughts , and ones of doubt come from satan. And what he would have me believe about myself and what Heavenly Father knows about me is very different. now that i know that i have been better about not believe theses thoughts.

the sisters (motrat) in my district share the same room, about the size of the bonus room.. and there are 6 of us 4 closets( no hangers the first week) and 2 desks. there are suitcases everywhere! and a lot of there sisters are super cute and have a lot of stuff. So you room is crazy and messy, but it seems like we all are doing great. All of us are do different , which is actually a good thing we all seem to love each others differences. But I am so lucky to have Motra Jackson as my companion.One motra is from Chile she specks very good English but learning in English takes here a little more time.on the other end of the scale we have a motra that speaks french, Spanish, and a little portagese, so the language is coming very well for her.

We have 3 elderat, so total of 9. 2 are very good at the language, on e cause he is straight up smart the other cause he is fluent in German from a year abroad, the other elder is struggling but he works harder then them all. He complements my Albanian when we read out loud, even though my language skills are lower on the scale.

So we have been singing in the choir and it is super fun the director is the best! And guess what we sang this week!? Near my God to thee! and he told us stories and the background of the song has something to do with Ephraims latter. It was supper cool but i think i loved it just as much or more
when i sang it with you guys.

Hey write me as much as you want! My reading time emails/ dear elders is not limited. my writing time is however I have one hour to resond to by email. so keep those those emails and dear elders coming( i think dear elders might be my favorite for the MTC) So i would love to hear about logans track season( times and PRs) better yet tell him to tell me! I can be there so knowing is the closest im going to get! it wont distract me i promise!Love ya brobro!

I love the food to much! motra jackson eats smaller portions which is so good cause i was eating like i was working out 4 hours and im not so that is good! Yep i get ice cream all the time! its pretty great. I have already found myself excited to go to Albania. They tell stories and I love them the people are so funny! I would go now if i could. but this week we taugh once or twice in english and teach the gospel is fun and easy when we can do it in english!
But one day I will love to teach in Albanian!

Motra Henderson

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