Friday, March 6, 2015

Thu, Feb 19, 2015

Tell everyone thanks and that I love them! So many wrote me letters and or gave me money please tell them THANK YOU!!!

SARA!!!!! tell her i love her! She is the bestest and I glad she could be part of our family!

Shayla emailed me so done worry about her address, and what ever you can do is great i'm awful at writing letters anyways. so much to do so much to learn SO little time!

The story of Jesus walking on water and calling out to (?Peter?) and he walked but then began to sink. he said where did you doubt. Who am i to doubt Gods ability!? He can do everything! I i looked up grace this week I could read about this grace all day! 2 Nephi 26;23 by his grace are we saved! after all we can do! Do all you can do and he will make it enough!

Love you And you heavenly Father loves you

Motra Henderson

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