Monday, June 29, 2015


I love all of you!!!

Our senior couple in our district said this week that it is important to keep your language. You don't know when the Lord will need you to use it again. It gave me more motivation to learn this language as best as I can!

This week we did exchanges on Thursday I have now had the chance to do an exchange with Motra Jackson (my mtc companion!) I appreciated her faith as we went out to do some finding she said that she knew we could find someone and we found two. Something my trainer and her trainer would say is pray for, work for and expect miracles. I have been thinking a lot about how the Lord loves all of his children, that includes the people I am here to serve and me! He wants us all to be happy, and that is something I want everyone to know! In Church we talked about service and again Christ is the perfect example. I am here hoping I can serve and bless these people, but I am set apart as a servant of the Lord. I am here to serve His people and do His work. I want to serve as hard as I can out of the gratitude I have for my loving Heavenly Father. And like the apostle the Lord did ask them to be perfect he asks humble fishermen to follow Him. I hope to use every ounce of my energy in following Him.

Love thanks for your prayers!

Motra Henderson

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