Tuesday, June 30, 2015


Bacon and dairy products those are actually something I miss most. They have them here but there not the same, enjoy a glass of milk for me!

Transfers! I will be staying in Triana 3rd ward my new companion is Motra Olsen. Crazy thing she was my Trainer's mtc companion! Oh and she is blond. Everyone thinks my trainer looks Albanian, me and Motra Olsen are going to have no chance to fit in. There is work to be done! The 3rd ward has people that I know and people I don't know, that have need of your message. I pray that I can have the courage and the strength to get our potentials baptized and to find the ones the Lord has prepared to receive this gospel. We have a lot of fence sitters investigators but they aren't progressing, but I will talk more about progressing later. So I have decided to get results we have never gotten before, we have to do something we have never done before. So I hope we can do that is transfer. And an elder told me that after training is when you find out who you are as a missionary!

Motra Jackson (mtc) Motra Olsen (new comp)

First transfer I thought about what it meant to be a missionary, and adjusting to being a missionary. But it is not simply to serve a mission it is to become a missionary. It's like what we talked about at mission conference, we never get a certificate when we are a good missionary or are truly converted. It is all about the becoming, and the improving. Our goal is to become like Christ. It seems like an impossible task, and I let the idea of being a perfect missionary get me down. But this is a time for me to become what the Lord wants me to become. I also need to share my personal testimony and remember that the Lord called me here so I could help and bless even just one person. How can I know if I am doing what the Lord needs me to do? What can I do to bless others lives? I hope that Motra Olsen and I can do our best to share the gospel and see the Lord bless people lives.

Love Motra juaj! (your sister missionary)

 Wheel chair project

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