Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Hard Work

All the missionaries in my mission!
How I wrote my talk,
and lëkë (Albanian money)

The bishop of our ward has a daughter getting married in the temple. I will let you figure out the math but the closest one is Frankfurt, Germany. And they were taking names from the ward members to take to the temple because a trip to the temple is so rare. The whole ward was so excited that this family has the opportunity to go to the temple! It touched my heart as members, and even more so a recent convert put names down of those in their families who are sick and afflicted. And that they can be prayed for in the temple!

We are doing a lot of street contacting and tracking. The buildings we call them plots and more often than not they don't have elevators that means we have to walk up six floors. And if I haven't told you it is hot and humid here. But I guess I'm use to being hot and sweaty all the time, I was all the time back home too. We keep drinking water, but we keep running into problems of being dehydrated. I am so grateful that the physical work of missionary work isn't my trail and that I have been give such a healthy and strong body. There are others in the mission who struggle. I have to be considerate of their needs, and their struggles? Just because they are different than mine doesn't mean they aren't as important or hard.

We don't have tons of lessons and I learning that I can't blame myself or my companion. And when I realize that and stopping being so hard on myself, and can focus on others, and really truly pray to find the one the Lord has prepared. The Lord is mindful. It is His work, and it is also His timing. I all I can do now is try to continue to improve, and grow though continued repentance. Which is why we are here; to commit people to change and repent. I should also be committing to repent and become better!

So right now I am reading the Isaiah chapters in the Book of Mormon and talk about only scratching the surface of doctrine, so I went and read Matthew 27 instead. One of the favorite things I have read. And again, I am just scratching the surface!

Christ loves us and I love you too!

Motra Henderson

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