Thursday, August 13, 2015

The Lords Will

Aug 3

So this week my District leader said Albanian is hard to learn and easy to master, he expanded it better than I can but, moral of the story its hard know but when you get it you've got it! This week we got and Elder who had been serving in Macedonia, and he will be here for a month. And he knows 0 Albanian! He has been serving for 10 months but he learn Macedonian, so it's funny because he knows even less than a trainee. But apparently the work is very hard there, missionaries have been there maybe two years. And the crazy thing is they have no materials in Macedonian not even a Book of Mormon! So they come here for a pusim (break). So missionary work is hard here, there and even it the states! Language barrier or not.

Nights are funny, we turn on the AC because is so hot but then I get freezing so I turn it off and I wake and its on again. I also wake up to go to the bathroom like 5 times because we are suppose to drink like 8 liters of water or something! And I was telling someone about how the mountains cool down at night! So beautiful! Oh and before fasting on Sunday I drank 3.5 liters in a little less than 2 hours! I have never had to physically prepare myself for fasting! But it's all good because after church we go to our senior couples and break the fast! The smiths are the best!

Okay so this week we had interviews and house checks from President. Wasn't even worried about the house checks because our house stays relatively clean (my mommy taught me well). And the interview was great! I wish I could tell you more about what we talked about, but what i loved about it was we were talking about what a mission teaches you and what you learn from this can bless me whole life! At times I felt like I was in marriage counseling haha. But the last thing he asked me Would I be loyal to the Lord throughout my mission, then throughout my life. We talked about we aren't perfect but we can do one thing perfectly. That is relying and trusting the Lord!

megjithatë (with all that) The Lord is there for us always, His arms are there for us! Love Him rely on Him!

Love Motra Henderson

Mon, Aug 10, 2015

So remember how I said our transfers are three months, they still are but we have what we call minis. Minis are half way through the transfer (6 weeks). And you are probably wondering why this information is important. So me and my companion are being transferred. Motra Olsen is going to Shkoder. I pray for her, the dialect is different there, but she will have a car so hopefully that will help with her legs. I have learned a lot about myself from serving with her.

Oh and for me I will be going to second ward. They are closing the area for sisters, I feel so bad like I am abandoning the ward. Megi Celi my favorite Albanian ever cried when we told her. I was touched, I didn't think anyone could love me that much! My goal was to leave the area better then I found it but I don't know. BUT all is not lost because President said that me and my new comp M. Dunn may be able to work in both areas! And I know that I touched at least one heart here in 3rd.

Sisters are the best! And spending time with them is even better! In church this week we talked about keeping the Sabbath day, and then in RS about strengthening families by spending time together. And I could only think about Sunday nights and Monday nights playing games, and huckleberry picking and singing rounds!

So Albania is a new mission but Macedonia will be getting there 3 generation of missionaries in September. Now there are 4 elders 2 sisters, and they are getting 2 more elders and 2 more sisters. so they are called to our mission not our language, the missionaries in Kosovo speak Albanian just a different dialect. Like in Shkoder where my comp is going.

Speaking of Kosovo, this week we went to Kosovo! We had Zone Conference with the Tirana zone and the Kosovo zone which includes the Macedonian missionaries. So yes I can leave the country and not leave my mission. It was about a 4 hour car ride, and I got another stamp in my passport, I'm moving up in the world now I got 2 stamps!

Life is crazy kinda like this email!
Ju dua!
Motra Henderson

Ps a thought from Sister Ariza:​
     I was reading in the Spanish Jesus the Christ and stopped me to bring up a point that seriously, I think is the most amazing thing ever!
     There was a part where the book said that Jesus is the verb. That's right, the translation of the Spanish word was verb. She asked me what that meant. We spent a good while talking about it and then it clicked!
     God is the noun
     Jesus is the verb, he is the action!
I don't know if you guys have ever thought about it that way before, but if you haven't, just ponder it for a while, It is amazing! It opened my eyes to the roles and purposes of heavenly father, and Jesus Christ even more!

Anyways, I love you all, a lot!

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