Monday, July 20, 2015

My talk

TIke! He looks bigger and older every time I see him! And you think 18 is so young but there are elders in my mission who are 18 or 19 but they have been in the field longer and I look up to them. The mission is changing them and they are becoming men. I can't see it maybe I'll never see it but I hope the Lord is doing the same thing for me. TIke keep up the smile and bless those people in Germany! Join the Europe party!

Huckleberries already! Are you going to get them all August too! You lucky guys! Better get going you don't have very many hands!

I love that proverb! It's funny in RS the lesson was on families, and how we can strengthen them. The teacher (Megi Çeli and if I haven't mentioned her before that is a shame because she is my favorite Albanian!) who is an RM asked us what we do to strengthen our companionship unity. I thought about it I'm not always thinking about loving my comp. I got this from Elder Allen "Remember to develop the things that last forever, relationships, your character, and your knowledge" two of those are with your companion.

So I will never complain about writing an English talk ever again! I had my first talk this Sunday. The topic was conversion. For it a read the talk "Stand by the tree". So I attempted to just read the talk, because Elder Pearson said so much better than I could. There was one major flaw in my plan. I had to give it in Albanian and my language skills aren't up to par with apostle talk. But one person said he felt the Spirit, so that made me feel better and I will use my own words next time I give a talk. But I think that is the way it should be done because they could read it themselves. And when I was done preparing my talk I thought about how I didn't leave any room for the Spirit. I need to use my words and my experience and then I would be more likely to say something someone needed to her.

For me I love the part about the tools of Satan are distraction and deception. And that couldn't be more true! If he can distract a missionary or convince a missionary they aren't good enough he wins! In our ward we have some experienced elders, they also love to talk. Not that it bad, but they sometimes get going and get distracted from the work. And that's just what satan wants. And I know that Satan has discouraged me. But as Elder Henderson said, As Heavenly Fathers children in a fallen world we seem to forget that power has been given to us to overcome the obstacles of the world!

So this week we tracked into a lady named Mira, and I just tell you now I have experienced a whole new level of the gift of tongues. So when we first meet her she spoke quietly but she told us to come back. So we went back the next day for a lesson and she is a talker, but she has a whole in her throat, so we are not sure if she has a voice-box or not. So with lip reading, catching a couple of worlds and a whole lot of spirit, I want to say I understood her. Later my comp said she didn't that is when I realized I had been blessed.

This week I have been blessed by the Spirit, but the thing I noticed is that I don't know the extent of that blessing. The Spirit told me turn around and go back the way we came. I still don't know why, but I am thinking that I was able to recognize the spirit and do what it asked. I know we were being protected. I also have seen this week when we fail, like I did when I gave a talk this week, if the Spirit is there, it can still touch hearts, no matter what was said. I am so grateful for the Spirit and I want it more powerfully with me every day!

Love all more than huckleberries!

Motra Henderson

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