Monday, July 20, 2015


I have been feeling better about my language skills. Our area is nicknamed the labyrinth, so I don't even completely know it. So sometimes we take the long way and get lost. I also want to be working harder. Maybe I just have to humble myself before the Lord, and learn the lessons the Lord want me to learn. I need to focus on the Lord. This work is suppose to be hard, but if I don't do it for me, and do it for the Lord it will be worth it. So this week we had zone conference and the one thing that I remember most is that I have felt the Lords love for me. I know it is real, and at the hard points or the low point, is often when we are humble enough to feel it the most. He is there to love and support us, and this is something that has blessed my life and something I need to share.

Love you all pray for the missionaries in your ward, and if you have time pray for me! thanks!

Motra Henderson

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