Sunday, August 30, 2015

Shkoder Service

This week we went to Shkoder for a service project ripping up trees and cement. So I got to throw cement it was fun!

This week we watched Finding Faith in Christ , in Albanian of course with a couple of our investigators and even though I don't know every word they use, I have improved so much from the last time I watched it. This time when watching it I wasn't focus on the physical miracle that He preformed, which He preformed many. Those miracles were for the ones of little faith and actually needed to see it to believe. And I have to ask myself where do I stand, how firm is my Faith in Christ. The true miracle it that any sorrow and disappointment that we can't handle, He can and will take for us. He has given us a way to be happy in this life and if we continually come unto him, and repent we can have even more happiness after this life.

I say Perëndia na do (God loves us) every lesson but this week I don't know if I am remembering and learning more deeply the love He has for us, and we can always see it thought His son Jesus Christ. I am grateful that I can learn more of His love.

Know that I love you guys! And we are so lucky we have our Heavenly Father who loves us even more!

Love Motra Henderson

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