Wednesday, August 19, 2015


The gospel is for everybody! It's not where you serve it's how you serve!

2nd ward is great! The people here never cease to amaze me! The faith and testimonies are awesome! I have been here less than a week and I have already felt the love of the members! Motra Dunn is great! I am in a little trouble though. She is a marathon runner, and we going running ever morning and she kicks my trash! I love her desire to improve and study the language! It has been one week with her and I already feel better and more confident with my language! She has made a goal to SYL (speak your language) gjithëmonë (all the time) And even though I am not perfect with this language or my knowledge of the gospel, I have seen that when someone is arguing doctrine with us, and we testify humbly what we know to be true, it ends up being enough. But i pray that the spirit is with me and He is doing all the real work touching their hearts! I am grateful and excited for the people and the work we have to do here! And we are still planning on doing two areas work, but we are trying to figure it out. We had an investigator come to 3rd ward and we haven't talk with her since last Sunday! but this week in 2nd we got two girls who already have been taught and are now ready to be baptized. They desire on their own that they were ready. and again I am just lucky to be here to witness the miracles of the Lord. And I hope we can work even hard as people start coming home from vacation!

Ju dua shumë!!!!

Motra Henderson

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