Saturday, September 5, 2015

Come Unto Christ

Durrës P day last week

90 degree days is exactly why school should start in Sept.

So this week we had two girls drop out of thin air wanting to be baptized. They have been taught all the lessons, and they were handed to us from the bishop because they were getting interviewed to go to efy, and they decided they were ready for baptism. They weren't baptized before because the parents thought they were too young but now there 15. I love these girls I don't feel much older but they look up to us so much. being around them reminds me of my little sis! And both girls have younger sisters that they may get baptized we don't know yet. Moral of the story I once again was just lucky enough to be here in Albania and see the Lord move His work forward. I don't have to worry about my weaknesses because the Lord is at the helm I just merely need to follow His guidance.

This week I studied Christ-like attributes, I have slowly gone through and I am on charity and love right now, but I wanted to pause and focus on the ones I needed work on. Faith, Hope and Love are the ones I have been thinking about this week. Because I also read a little about disciples and it was talking about humility and meekness. And in the beginning of my mission I saw all the growth I needed to do and got discouraged, or overwhelmed. I always thought of my weaknesses, but the Lord gives us weaknesses so that we will come unto Him. And nothing but my own personal weaknesses could humble me, and bring me so close to my Heavenly Father.

Today when starting to read the fourth missionary and it talked about we can chose light or darkness. It sound extreme, but I actually made it more simple for me. I am either loyal to the Lord or not. And the answer to that question is easy, I want to be loyal to the Lord, but like what I learned about studying faith it isn't something you just say it is manifested through the actions. I have also been thinking about knowledge and learning, it is great to read but I believe knowledge is internalized. If you apply it to life you don't change, or grow. So after studying I was actually motivated to improve, I don't think how bad I am but have a desire to become more like my Savior. I know I am a ways off but what a great goal and example. Any suggestions how I can preach the gospel like the Savor did? There is so much I have to learn! And I am grateful for this opportunity I have to learn so much!

Love you all and learn something this week!

Motra Henderson

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