Monday, September 7, 2015

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This one makes me sad that the picture is bad, but those are my first figs that I picked from a tree myself! The are beautiful and tasty!

Happy Birthday Grandpa Henderson! bëkoft me në jetë e gjatës (bless you with a long life) Sounds like and exciting Labor day! Sounds like there were a whole lot of peoples! I think there is some holiday coming up here in Albania, but I don't really know I will let you know when I do, they have just been setting up lots of things around town. Is funny though because I am in Tirana, but as missionaries we are in the world but not of the world. So a lot of things happen here and as missionaries we have no idea.

The two girls are friends, one her mom is baptized and her little sister will this Wednesday and the other girl we are trying to meet with her family! She has like 7 kids in her family.

Okay I send a picture of my companions. yup as of Tuesday we are a trio! We have a mini missionary who will be serving for a month or a month and a half Motra Cenollari, yes she is an Albanian, but it's all good because she speaks English well! like she only wants to speak English. She is super awesome though she is a strong member is 18 and in her home ward (Durrës) she was the RS 1st counselor. she was baptized at age 10 with her whole family so she was basically raised in the church. I forget that she is Albanian until she speaks perfect Albanian with is kinda handy sometime to have a native that understands everything. But we have a goal to SYL and so we ask her to speak Albanian but then when she does sometime I feel bad because then I don't always understand her. It is also I little like training, except for the language part, but just to be a missionary. I

This week there were a lot of little things I learned. That the Lord blesses our efforts, but it is not how or when we expect. But your little efforts that no one knows about the Lord knows us our intentions, and our sacrifices. He is especially grateful for the sacrifices we make for Him. When we make sacrifices we show that we want and are willing to His will. I we are here to do His work and I want to do His will. And sometime when we are in disharmony we need to ask ourselves are we doing God's will? I sometimes don't know , but I want to know. I a guess the best thing I can do at that point is ask. Because right now is just the beginning of my life long service to the Lord, and I want a laborer worthy of His hire. I hope that I am and can continue to be one of His worthy missionary. I have had many great example in my life. I want to pray that I can know His will for me and if it is hard I want to thank Him that He trusts me! But I know I will always have His help! I want to remember the Lord, love the Lord, and be faithful to the Lord.


Motra Henderson

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