Saturday, November 7, 2015

Bench Lesson

Nov 2, 2015

So I am going to have a companion for longer than 1 month! Motra Beraj finished her mini mission on Tuesday. We drove up to Tirana that morning and I picked up Motra Cerekja. Haha and sometimes i wonder if you can even pronounce my companions names. I don't know about you but Albanian names are hard for me. But we will be together for 2 months! That will be the longest companion I've had for a while but not braking my streak of Albanian companions. She has been a member for less than a year! She is such a good teacher she has learned so much but she is always seeking to learn more. I think we are going to learn a lot together. We also sing lots and just it time for Christmas too.

Highlight of the week baptismal date from a bench lesson

Love you all and please pray that we find the people the Lord has prepared!

Motra Henderson

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