Saturday, January 16, 2016

Nov 9, 2015

So actually in Albania they when through a communist time were they weren't allow to have religion, and so they couldn't celebrate Christmas, so the really big holiday is New years. But they do it more no because it is American kinda like Halloween.

I know why I was sent to Albania. They are worse at answering their phones than I am! I am getting a taste of my own medicine rightly deserved. So they kinda have pay as you go phones so they get new numbers (or cards) with money on them for free and so they always are changing their numbers or they have 3 different ones. calling people on the phone is very unreliable.

This week was busy with meetings Durres for zone conference (1.5h) And then in Tirana for a baptism. My companions friend was getting baptized and president allowed us to go. And I got to drive the elders makin (car) and I was really grateful that we were able to go because we got there and it turned out that there was another lady being baptized this lady I found street contacting while on an exchange, she thought I came all the way for her. And I actually had the opportunity to help in a couple of their lessons. I am realizing the effect we can make without even knowing it. Kinda like the Holy Ghost we cannot see him but the work he does is important actually is most important! But on the other hand the we saw the Lord hand in the work. Finding families here in Berat not only us but our Elders. Tracking this week brought miracles. Me and Motra Cerekja actually prayed to find a family and the Lord loves us so much he gave us two!

Thanks for your prayers for me and especially for the people here they need it more than I do. And we had a lesson about prayer and the thought came to me that nothing is more powerful then parents prayer for there children. So thank you for your prayers and I know I have lots of people praying for me! Moroni 8:3

Love Motra Henderson

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