Saturday, November 7, 2015


Oct 26, 2015
So we weren't feed a ton in Tirana but there aren't really members here to feed us, but cool story and probably the highlight of the week. The Elders had a baptism! And that's about the greatest thing ever, not to mention we did it in a river. And when you think it couldn't get any better, we when back to their house to finish with the closing prayer and stuff, the wife had prepared lunch for us. Home made bread and qofte (sausage/meatballs) and the best cheese ever! They have white cheese here that is unlike any other! They also have like three names of just this white cheese I still haven't learned the difference. In Berat there are a lot less places to eat out, and with an Albanian companion they like there food and they are pretty good cooks and yes i am taking notes. The real cooks are the Albanian moms, and I have had two Albanian minis, so I am their mission mom, but their actual moms have thus adopted me. Their moms are awaiting for me to accept their friend request on Facebook, but that will have to wait. For example Motra Berajs mom cooked up food for us and we got it from the Elders at zone conference. And it reminds me of my mom and the sacrifices she makes to support us by doing all she can to come watch our races!

Albanians know two places in america New York and California so all the time I tell people i live close to California and I have a cousin in New York. And by the end of the year all my friends will be home form their missions because as soon as I got on my mission the time they had left flew by!

Our group leader (Berat has a group) it always asking for cool Idaho facts and I am a shamed that I cant think of any. So if you have any I would love for you to pass them on (Shon haha)

So time doing what the Lord wants is hard, and you may feel alone, but the Lord is always there to support you. Smile this week because we have all the reasons to be happy!

Love you guys the most!

Motra Henderson

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