Saturday, March 12, 2016

Feb 22, 2016

apple pie byrek with Ice cream!

Motra Bennett our new soccer jerseys

Wait, what holiday was it? Simplot? Where did that come from? How long did Tiffany hang out? I have been taking about Jed a lot this week. Albanians think it's a weird name, but I like it. I already know that he will wear cowboy boots always!

As a ward they have been making an effort for less actives, and I haven't seen any other ward make such an effort. And I had to explain to an investigator what they were talking about. I said as members we have a responsibility to help and support each other and these are a list of people that aren't coming to church, and they need the help of the members to come back. Also that day in church the word Zion came up. How Zion is the people of God, and that really His work never ends. There is always someone within the house (of Israel) that needs our love and support or there is someone who isn't in the house (being that they left or they just still haven't found it) that needs to be in from the cold.

This week I was able to see the Lord literally place us in peoples paths. We found the people that needed to be found. Agiesa we met street contacting and gave her a card, she called us and said she needs to be a part of this church. I think how lucky I am because I have this gospel and I can just see how much she needs it in her life. Next is Mateu and his mom Nadia, this boy has meet with the Elders before but the mom stopped it. We go tracking and say a prayer then we show up to her house and she invited us in and now she is learning with her son.

I am grateful I can see the gospel bless peoples lives! But I know it can and will bless lives of any person anywhere! 

Love you guys and the the Lord continues to bless our family

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