Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Apr 4, 2016

I had almost no faith that that video last week would work (Enough faith to send it but not actually believing!) So that was at sisters conference!

We were watching sisters conference during lunch with the elders (their choice). So six Kosovo missionaries in a room when in conference the say Kosovo... you could say we got excited! Now if people ask were I am you can just show them conference it is a real place! Besides that we got to see a couple of the sessions. This was the first time that they tried to watch it live. So the had translators prepared. But that means we are watching the morning session at 6 o'clock here.

My new companions name is Motra Fulop! She is from Philadelphia. She also has gone to school at BYU-I. She was a little nervous to come to Prishtina, both of the new missionaries were. But she seems to be doing good, She didn't sleep well the first night but then the next day she said it she was doing better. And I'm learning to not jump in and solve things. I have to sit back and let her try. Not that I don't help her at all but if I help her too much she can't grow. But I remember when I was new. That is all I wanted to do- is try, so I have to give her that opportunity. But pray for her and our work that we can see miracles!

Love you all! Motra Henderson

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