Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Apr 11, 2016

Your best doesn't mean perfect

We only got to hear 1 Saturday and 1 Sunday session of conference so we have some catching up to do. So you will have to let me know which are your favorite talk and why. I will make sure to listen to those first. 

I am so grateful how much the Lord blesses me! And I'm talking about the big obvious miracles and the everyday tender mercies and growth. The obvious miracle of the week was the day we had 5 lessons and 3 new friends, also meeting two families. Another was This Sunday we have a friend (Besiana) that is starting to come to church every Sunday, but this Sunday she told us she was bringing her two younger brothers. (there are 8 kids) She had already brought one of her older brothers too church and he was interested in learning he just lives in Switzerland. The can do skype lessons with him. But wait there is more we had a friend (Drita) come for her first time and we will see her again on Wednesday.

We had a zone training and it was focus on getting referrals especially from members, and then this week we had friends bringing the family to church and the one of the american soldiers after church told us he has someone for us to teach. And they have a rule that they can't just tell people what they believe they would have to approach them about it. So it is amazing that they have someone for us to teach. Just goes to show that your example can be enough to share the gospel.

The last thing I am so grateful for the gift of tongues! It didn't come to me like it did in the other side of heaven. I worked worried and stressed about it a lot. And just being with a trainee I realize how blessed I am that i have learned this language and how far i have come! The Lord slowly has qualified me for this work, because like Paul, Heavenly Father Calls weak thing that through them we can see his strength and the difference He can make in our lives. I hope that He continues to push me to grow and I know he is right now.

Love you the mostest!

Motra Henderson

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