Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Jun 6, 2016

Our day at the castle!

In the service of the Lord

This week we and a lot of fun little e
vents during the week. Last Monday we had a French girl come to Family night and she was taught about Priesthood and everyone bore their testimony how the priesthood has blessed their lives! We are so bless! The next day we got very lost finding a ladies house and even after an hour she waited for us and we found her! Another friend of ours lost her dog and so we helped her putting up signs. On Saturday we played volleyball as a branch, we made new friends and invited them to church and they came! 

Thursday we go to Bondsteel (the army base) that's where Besiana works, and she got her baptismal interview! So it is happening this Saturday! Me and my companion will give talks! Her brother Dorian got the Priesthood on Sunday.

Our big service this week was for Sara (she is an American living here). She slipped and broke her wrist and not knowing what to do she called us. So we ran to her house and got a taxi to take here to the hospital. I had never been (thankfully) but I did know where it was. So we got to be there with her. Not that we did much but talk to her and keep her calm. We went to the American Hospital but it turns out that only the doctors there speak English. The nurses don't. So we were able to translate, and medical terms are very far out of my league, but the gift of tongues and we managed. So were able to check up on Sara a couple days later and we went to her house and watched the video The Will of God. I remember being shown this video when I had my injury ( I think it was dad). It was amazing to look back upon that time and see who and where I am today because of that moment. I am grateful for Gods loving guidance that I can continue to grow!

Love you

Motra Henderson

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