Wednesday, June 15, 2016

May 30, 2016

My birthday really was great! My little trainee try so hard to make it special for me, I was touched, I really felt her love. And the branch and my district also. We went to lunch the day before with the branch, elders made a cake , and my companion made a crown. I'll send pictures.

Speaking of picture one second I get picture with you and Jed and the next Aaron. seams to me you just became a very busy grandma! Congrats Gregg! I know you can't send me picture of inside (because I want to see it too) but hop fully a picture of Gregg and his wife. I'm just curious what she looks like!

This Saturday we had a baptism (when I say we i mean the branch) It was Besiana's brother and I think it got Besiana more excited for hers, in 2 weeks. I love little branches they are so happy for new members! and for the growth in the branch. And at the baptism was Besisana's mom she is the sweetest lady I think she enjoyed it we are hoping it will open doors. Also Fatime was there it was a friend we had but she stopped answering our calls and then this week we called her and we met and she really wanted to come and see the baptism. Her problem was smoking and she saw her doctor and he said to stop smoking and she told him I know that the sister missionaries already told me. So we will try to help and pray for her more!

Thanks you all for being in my life! I'm the luckiest! Know that Heavenly Father is pleased when we desire to do his will and as we strive to keep his commandments! So never stop you desiring and striving!
Ju dua

Motra May!

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