Wednesday, June 15, 2016

May 23, 2016

President shared a scripture with me Matt 11:28-30. It is the scripture of sharing the yoke with the Lord. And I doubt President knows this but this scripture has so much depth for me because I have worked with horses and yokes. He will pull with us, we are not burdened by his yoke but we are honored to work side by side with Him.

This week we had some members that told us that we don't understand the good we do as we go out. And we watched a Mormon message "the hope of Gods light" and what stood out to me was the light of Christ that he sees in others. We met a lady this week named Ziza (black) and we had just sat down with her on a bench to teach her a lesson and she told us we need to meet her friend. So the next day we go and meet her friend a do a lesson with them, and her friend Mimoza wants us to meet her daughters. They just have this love for us that I cant explain. But it was because they see something in us they see that we are good, and they want it for themselves.

I want to tell you all the wonderful things that happened this week, but sometime there are to many to count! And I know that the hard days or a hard week is always followed with a tender mercy of the Lord!

love ya much!

Motra May!

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