Thursday, August 4, 2016

Jul 11, 2016

Come what may and love it!

Hey so turns out I am training an Albanian! She is called to serve in England but she started here because she is waiting for a visa. Her name is Motra Gjika. Crazy thing is that she is from 3rd ward! I meet her my first Sunday in country! So I am really excited to serve with her! And she is Albanian right, so I don't have to train her on the language except here in Kosovo it is Gheg and our first day street contacting she wasn't understanding the people, so we have a little gheg book and I'm teaching her a couple words. But now it's been a week and she is probably already better than me! It's really fun (and a bit humbling) to have an Albanian at the end of the mission because now we are speaking the language all the time! But humbling because I still don't know all the words. I'm learning words like ant and cockroach. It is hard for some to jump right into the missionary style. The mtc doesn't prepare you for everything but at least it teaches you the missionary schedule. She her reminds me of me. She is a very quite/shy person. We really have to over come the fear of man. Pray for her that she she can find the faith and the courage in the Lord, pray for us that we may find more people to teach!

Here we go again....

Mom you really great about not talking home and I thank you for that, and last time you brought it up that's when I asked you about extending. So it made me laugh when I read this weeks email. So story! I was in the mission office at transfers and President in between some of his interviews was talking to me and thanked me for staying because we really need sisters and I said that I was glad to stay. Then he said "You know you could stay another six weeks if you wanted to, I could ask the first Presidency". You can say that caught me of guard and I don't think I even said anything before he was off in his next interview. And so to be honest I don't really know if he was serious, but he is always serious so I guess my question is how serious is he. And so I haven't done much or acted upon it but on our way to Pristina we drove back with two new elders. One of them was just an AP, and now he is the district leader and he is very much in support of this.

So again I don't even know if this is real because I have flight plans I think the tickets are bought so I don't know how solid this is. So to look at both side of this how set in stone are the home plans? school and track obviously but actually I have thought those out and came up with some ideas such good ideas that I really can't tell which one is better. They are both good... so again I can not decide.

My biggest worry is everyone's plans that they have made to be there. They have all made plans to come to Idaho. School and track that only effects me. I am scared to pass up the huckleberry patch because it seems like perfect timing for everyone! and I don't know when we could ever swing that again! This is probably my biggest worry! Let me know what you think! Both are good.  All is well. I'll let you know what President Weidmann says!

Know that I love you! And that I am out here trying to show the Lord I love him!
Motra Henderson

My comp - it was stripped shirt day!

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