Thursday, August 4, 2016

Jul 18, 2016

Bring on the huckleberries!

So probably sounds like. . . I'm pretty confident. . .well I am but I'll tell you why. It was all because of my letter from my mission President. He said:

Dear Sister Henderson

You are such a wonderful missionary and I am so grateful to know you and what a sign of faith and devotion you have showed by asking me if I really mean that you should extend. After reading your mail I have asked the Lord about your extension and I have felt very strongly that He is so pleased with your service and that the time has come for you to continue your mission at home by pursuing your education and in finding your eternal partner.

I know I asked you what you thought but really it was all on what President thought. He truly is a man of God. And you know the song "We'll follow the old man wherever he wants to go" from White Christmas? This was about my mind set waiting on His word to then pounce into action. I am so grateful and am very touched to know he is praying for me!

I also was thinking a lot about Levi Savage form 17 miracles How quick he was to respond to the call of the Lord. Willing to do anything and everything he is asked. So I hope I can do that also! Not only this time but always, whenever the Lord calls that he can count on me! The work doesn't end I am still called to his work.

Thanks for you love and support no matter how crazy I am! But it sounds like I will see you in August, so you received the flight plan right? I am leaving everything up to you now!

This week real quick! New friends! We met and Ela and it was raining really hard and she still waited for us! blessings! And our other new friend's name is Besiana, so I am staring to see a trend here! Wish I could tell you more, but there were lots of prayers answered this week! In zone training I learned about Peter Vidmar and his talk pursuing excellence! He says Sometimes, just a little bit is all that matters. So this is all that is ask a little bit everyday!

Love you all very much!
Motra Henderson

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